One of Fall Guys' hardest Xbox achievements currently super easy to unlock

By Sean Carey,

With the introduction of creator-made rounds, one of Fall Guys' most challenging Xbox achievements is currently a breeze to unlock.

If you've been struggling to complete the Fall Guys achievements, then we have some good news for you. Thanks to new player-created rounds introduced with Fall Guys' Season 4 update, one of the game's hardest achievements is currently the easiest it's ever been to unlock.

Fall Guys' Creator Made Rounds make the Infallible achievement easy to unlock

Fall Guys easily unlock infallible achievement

The Infallible achievement requires you to win five episodes in a row, and if you've played Fall Guys, you'll know that winning five episodes in a row is a pretty tall order. While there have been rounds and modes in the past that have made the achievement easier to unlock, you'll want to jump on this method now (and I mean now, as you have less than a day to do this) if you still haven't popped it.

Fall GuysInfallibleThe Infallible achievement in Fall Guys worth 391 pointsWin 5 Episodes in a row

To easily unlock the Infallible achievement, instead of choosing from the usual Solos, Duos, Squads, and featured shows, you'll want to pick the Creator Made Rounds located underneath, specifically Cyber Circuit or Pixel Hearts, as they are the easiest and quickest rounds to complete. These are just one-level rounds for 24 players, and for some reason, all players that qualify (strangely, all 24 players can qualify) will be credited with a win — basically, all you need to do is finish the level five times without the timer running out and the achievement will be yours.

According to the in-game countdown, it looks like Cyber Circuit and this lot of creator-made rounds will be swapped out for a different batch in around 20 hours, so you'll want to unlock the achievement ASAP.

Will you be returning to Fall Guys for this achievement? Let us know!
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