Night In The Woods creators' next game seems to be skipping Xbox for now

By Heidi Nicholas,

Revenant Hill was just announced — it comes from The Glory Society, which includes two Night in the Woods co-creators, and has a similar art style. Unfortunately, it looks like it might skip Xbox for now.

Announced during the PlayStation showcase, Revenant Hill has so far only been confirmed for PS5, PS4, and Steam (although luckily we saw many games also confirmed for Xbox), but a Night In The Woods co-creator gives us hope that this is a "nonpermanent" situation.

Revenant Hill could perhaps come to Xbox

Revenant Hill comes from The Glory Society, which is described as aiming to build "an egalitarian workplace." Along with other developers, the Glory Society team includes two Night in the Woods co-creators: Bethany Hockenberry and Scott Benson — both work as writers and narrative designers, while Benson also functions as creative director and Hockenberry also works as researcher.

Over on Twitter, Benson replied to one fan asking about whether Revenant Hill is a permanent or timed Sony exclusive to say, "nonpermanent," later confirming that Xbox could "hypothetically" get the game in the future.

revenant hill night in the woods

As for the game itself: Revenant Hill looks very reminiscent of Night in the Woods, both with its art style and its main character. It's set in 1919 and sees Twigs the cat going to live in a "wet log near an abandoned graveyard" after losing his barn. "When the owl from the next hill over starts demanding rent, Twigs must find a way to make ends meet, and things just get more complicated from there," says technical designer Coby West. "Grow crops to sell at the secret market or use for your own purposes. Put down roots. Run through the fields and the trees. Watch the seasons pass. Make friends who become neighbors who become family. Also make enemies. That’s unavoidable sometimes. Figure out what the ghosts want. Host increasingly ambitious parties for witches and demons and other things that don’t have proper names. Get tangled up in a world in the midst of violent change. Build a community by accident. Square dance with a possum. Eat mice."

Hopefully, we'll see Revenant Hill head our way one day.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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