The Plucky Squire gets new dimension-hopping Xbox Series X|S trailer

By Heidi Nicholas,

A new gameplay trailer for the gorgeous action-adventure game The Plucky Squire shows just how seamlessly we'll be jumping between 2D and 3D as Jot and his friends escape the confines of their book.

The Plucky Squire just dropped a new gameplay-focused trailer, showing off both the beautifully-detailed 2D world of the storybook and the 3D worlds we'll be traveling to outside it. Check it out below:

The Plucky Squire launches for Xbox Series X|S later this year

We'll be jumping from playing across the pages of Jot's storybook to the world outside it, and the dimension-hopping doesn't stop there; we'll be playing across mugs, the walls of a toy castle, along the flags of bunting, and beyond. What's more, it seems Jot can interact across the two realms: while he can fight monsters as a 2D figure himself within the book, he's also shown in the 3D world outside it, using a 3D stamp to drop a 2D bomb into the book to take out his enemies.

It seems all this world-hopping starts when one of the book's characters, Humgrump, realizes he's the villain of the tale, and decides to boot Jot and his friends (the heroes) out of it in order to change his fate. We'll be encountering all sorts of bizarre situations in order to defeat Humgrump and bring back the book's happy ending.

We unfortunately don't have a release date for The Plucky Squire yet, but it's set to come out later this year.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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