Battlefield 3 Guillotine Gameplay Trailer

By Ashley Woodcock,
EA and DICE have released a new trailer for their upcoming, long-awaited and ridiculously highly-anticipated first-person shooter, Battlefield 3.

The short but sweet single-player campaign trailer follows U.S. Marine Sgt. Blackburn as he makes his way into the city of Tehran as a part of Operation Guillotine. The operation is a joint one in which the objective sees the squad attempting to capture key members of the PLR leadership. The trailer showcases the usual impressive action from Battlefield 3 with which rarely disappoints, including the sky being lit up above Tehran by the firefight below, mortars being fired, the Sgt. being boosted over a wall, and a quick and clean melee kill from behind, complete with the collection of the victims dog tags.

Check it out:

In a similar fashion to how the Faultline Series began, the end of this 'Guillotine' trailer reveals that the action will continue on September 16th, so keep your eyes focused on TA for the following part!

As for Battlefield 3 itself, the game remains set for release on October 25th for North America, October 27th for Australia, and October 28th for Europe.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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