Saints Row: The Third Deckers.Die Trailer

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
The Deckers are a gang that specialise in security and money laundering. They're "elite cybercriminals... hackers... unrelenting online gamers"... and they're part of the Third Street Saints' rival when it comes to ruling Steelport, the Syndicate. Once the Saints arrive in Steelport, their bank accounts are emptied by a cyber-attack from you-know-who. What would you do? Call the police, call the bank, or something else entirely?

This wouldn't be Saints Row: the Third if the Saints didn't do something else entirely. They hack into the Deckers' prized user-net and partake in a little cyber-bullying of their own, before shutting down the network permanently. However, they reckoned without the mastermind that is the Deckers' leader, Matt Miller. He is "a virtual god, capable of altering physics, setting firewalls, and unleashing his own deadly, maxed-out avatar". Shall we watch the events unfold?

Saints Row: The Third is due to be released on November 15th in North America and Australia, and November 18th in Europe. Check out the pre-order bonus here, the Platinum Pack here, or the Australia exclusive Smooth Criminal edition here.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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