Iron Brigade Update Confirmed for US

By DavieMarshall, 7 years ago
We reported earlier this year that Trenched would be renamed upon it's European release. Now Double Fine have announced via an online broadcast that a small title update will be released to US gamers when the time is right, and will change the title's moniker from Trenched to Iron Brigade. Without this update, US gamers will be unable to play across Xbox LIVE with Iron Brigade owners.

In addition to the small title update, gamers can expect to see a slice of DLC soon after in the form of a survival mode. The action will take place within the 'African Hospital' game setting as players are pitted against never ending waves of enemies. To aid to your plight there will be additional unlocks which will include weapons, costumes and gestures. There is no date for the DLC as yet. Double Fine also acknowledged a second bout of DLC to follow in the future, but offered up no details, time-frame or solid information.

Iron Brigade is set to release this September in the EU.