Prisoner #10326 Escapes BattleBlock Theater

By Rebecca Smith,
The Behemoth's latest XBLA game sees players shipwrecked on an island, where you are betrayed by your best friend Hattie and imprisoned by the locals. You and your fellow prisoners are forced into deadly performance to stand any chance of survival. BattleBlock Theater had a lot of captive prisoners, until they all decided to try and escape, and luckily there is accompanying footage. So far, we have seen performances by #10293, #10295, #10305, #10325, #10298, #10307, #10308, #10316 and #10321. Now, prisoner #10326 has made their deadly performance.

Have a look at The Poet in this latest prisoner archival footage, aptly titled "An Ode to Tar":

O, thou happy walls of tar,
Sticketh to me and I'll climb far,
Thick and sludgy,
A sundae with extra fudgy,
I clingeth to you like the stretchy pants of a wrestling star.

But lo! Here cometh buzzsaws--and a raccoon!
These mucky floors had best release me soon!
Yet still am I caught,
Tar lovest me not,
For how my bones do scatter across the room.

So, I might have been happy--not killed with a frown,
But alas, cruel tar block, thou art keeping me down!
I hope creatures that sink,
Into your gunk with a blink,
Do fart before thou cause them to drown.

BattleBlock Theater is currently scheduled for release later this year on XBLA.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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