Cabela's Adventure Camp

By DavieMarshall,
"You’ll feel the warmth of the summer sun", "forget you aren’t outdoors" and feel the "excitement in the air" whilst you compete in the many camp related mini-games on offer in Cabela's Adventure Camp, at least that's what Activision says.

The latest title in the Cabela franchise has been outed by Activision whom wants to bring together the excitement and adventure of the great outdoors and summer camp straight to your living room. The title will bring pursuits ranging from biking, kayaking and wave riding to your Xbox 360 for you to enjoy. David Oxford, Executive Vice President of Activision Publishing managed to convert his 'thrill factor' into words:

We are thrilled to bring the fun and enjoyment of the outdoors to living rooms around the country as parents share the love of these traditionally outdoor activities with their kid. We are excited to offer a family bonding experience in this motion-oriented, active participation, social gathering title!
The title will feature 'innovative' motion control technology which Activision hope will get everyone from the kids to Grandma up in front of Kinect. If you're eager to feel the sun on your face and feast upon the excitement in the air, you'll have to head down to your local game store on November 1st to snap it up on release day.

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