Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Demo

By DavieMarshall, 7 years ago
Namco Bandai have announced a playable demo for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. After a flood of screenshots, multiplayer information and flythrough trailers, the final temptation comes in the form of a two mission playable demo.

The two missions you are presented with see you command a jet fighter as main man Bishop as the key elements of gameplay are introduced to you:

In the jet fighter mission, players will step into the shoes of the game's hero Bishop for the first time and engage in an intense dogfight over sun-kissed Miami. The sequence serves as the game's tutorial level and introduces Bishop's deadly adversary Markov.
The second playable mission seats you in the cockpit of an attack helicopter, decimating the local enemy population with deadly accuracy as you experience the intense action in the "entirely new low-altitude action-packed ground combat".

Players will take on the role of helicopter pilot D-Ray as he lays waste to enemies in spectacular style in support of a high risk rescue operation by the elite Delta Force special forces unit.
If the blurb for these missions has stirred the need for aviation and killing within you, American Xbox gamers can download the demo right now, whilst Europeans will be able to grab it from tomorrow. Follow the link below to head across to the official page on the Marketplace.

The full retail title launches October 11th in the US and across Europe on October 14th 2011.