Gears of War 2 25x XP Has Started

By Dave Horobin, 7 years ago
If, like myself, you are one of the many people hoping to reach rank 100 in before next week's release of, you will be very glad to hear that Rod Fergusson, aka @GearsViking, has announced via Twitter that the scheduled 25x XP event taking place this weekend has been extended, and is, in fact, already up and running.

Also announced was that "Ticker Madness" is running in Horde to help people reach the 100,000 kills needed for Seriously 2.0.

Yes, Ticker madness for Seriously 2.0 and 25x for your wings is going on now till midnight on the 19th
Still here? Go on, go earn your wings!
Credit for this story goes to Nuwisha Raven
Dave Horobin
Written by Dave Horobin
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