Rainbow Six Siege cut mouse and keyboard "spoofers" on console by 78%

By Heidi Nicholas,

Ubisoft explains why it didn't ban mouse and keyboard players on console, and how successful its MouseTrap detection system has been.

The MouseTrap system introduced this year to Rainbow Six Siege has apparently had great success in reducing the number of players using mouse and keyboard on consoles, with Ubisoft explaining why it used this method to "penalize" mouse and keyboard users instead of banning them.
rainbow six siege mouse and keyboard cheat

Ubisoft chose to "penalize" mouse and keyboard users on consoles instead of issuing bans

"One of the top complaints of PvP shooter players across the entire genre is cheating and toxic behavior. In the space of a single session, one cheater can ruin the experience for hundreds if not thousands of players," Ubisoft says, before discussing its "two industry-first systems" known as MouseTrap and QB.

MouseTrap is a detection system for those using mouse and keyboard on console. It was introduced back in April, and "penalizes" mouse and keyboard users by "adding extra input latency (or lag) to players detected," with the idea that they'll then go back to using their controller. "There has been a 78% reduction in the total spoofers (mouse and keyboard users) detected in Rainbow Six Siege," Ubisoft says. "If we look at Ranked on its own, the reduction is similar; 73% fewer spoofers than before."

Ubisoft adds that a lot of players were curious about why it chose to "penalize mouse and keyboard users instead of banning them," explaining, "we wanted to give these players the chance to change their behavior and play fairly" — and apparently this has worked: "once detected by MouseTrap, many users are returning to their controllers or switching to PC. Our data shows that after a first penalty, 43% of penalized players will continue to play the game without ever getting any further penalties."

QB, meanwhile, is an anti-cheat feature for PC. The Rainbow Six Siege team has also made efforts to combat toxicity in the game with warnings and penalties for "voice chat abuse." Year 8 of the game will bring the Privacy Mode to consoles too.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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