Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury Title Update

By DavieMarshall,
A title update for Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury is now live and you will be prompted to install it when you next load up the title.

So what's new? Well the update affects both the full game and the trial version. Within the trial version one of the key additions is a tutorial level for players new to the game. There's also the chance to play the first five levels from the game’s Fury Mode, as well as the option to access clips for stages 1-5 via the Xbox LIVE Leaderboards.

As for the full game, you can expect to see the following changes:

- Players can now view all game clips in the Leaderboards at the beginning of the game.
- The top 100 gameplay clips in the rankings can be uploaded, as opposed to just the top 10 in the original version.
- More people can upload their game clips to the rankings Leaderboard, which means broader sharing of replays with the community!
- All levels in the game are unlocked from the very beginning for cooperative multiplayer only. Two players can now, together, take on thousands of missiles, in any level, at any time!
- Various design enhancements and bug fixes throughout the game.
As always, just fire up the game and follow the prompt to apply this update.

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