Arkham City To Get DLC [RUMOUR]

By Lavindathar, 7 years ago
Due to one of those "mistakes", it has been revealed that the upcoming Batman: Arkham City will feature at least four pieces of DLC with Catwoman as the lead character. When I say "those" mistakes, I mean the right hand not talking to the left. Or maybe it was intended all along? Anyway, Gamestop have revealed their official strategy guide for the upcoming action thriller, and the guide's product description states that Rocksteady are planning to release four pieces of DLC featuring the lady in black.

Rocksteady have previously stated that they didn't want to "water" down the Dark Knight's adventure by having Catwoman feature too prominently, so she was restricted to a mere 10% of the adventure. Obviously, they had planned to rectify this situation post release.

Another interesting, albeit vague passage in the product description alludes to a further 12 side missions that will be made available, where a "number of major characters" will be revealed. I personally find that little tidbit very, very interesting indeed!

Of course, this information comes from the product description of the guide, and could be wrong. We can hope though, right?

Batman: Arkham City will reach store shelves October 18th in North America, October 19th in Australia, and October 21st in Europe.