Codename D Renamed To Diabolical Pitch

By DavieMarshall,
Way, way back in 2010 we briefly covered a game that was being referred to as Codename D, which it has now been revealed will renamed to Diabolical Pitch. This Kinect-enabled XBLA title will feature up to two players pitching baseballs at zombie like creatures in mascot outfits, who are invading their psychedelic baseball pitch. Players may also wield baseball bats, touch fists to unleash fireball attacks, or pick each other up to restore health.

No really, that's all true. I didn't make any of that up. Here's a trailer recap to try and help put it in some kind of context.

It's said that Diabolical Pitch will be released before the year is out, but there's no solid release date as of yet.

We've got the full list of Diabolical Pitch achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.