Bodycount Studio To Close

By Lavindathar, 7 years ago
It's always sad when a studio closes and today is no different. Codemasters have confirmed that they are shutting down the arm of the studio responsible for its recent title, Codemasters have said that this change will affect 66 people working at their Guildford Department.

A spokesperson for Codemasters has stated that the studio wishes to focus more on its racing titles in Warwickshire (responsible for DiRT 3, and F1 2010) and at their Birmingham base, which is working on a brand new racing IP.

The move must also be down to the limited success has had, with it debuting at 36th/40 on the UK top 40 chart at it's release, before sharply falling off into the abyss. It had a Metacritic average in the low 50's and less than a thousand TA gamers have picked the title up since its launch.

Codemasters have encouraged all 66 staff members to apply for positions at either its Birmingham site or its headquarters so they can remain within the company.