Hulk Hogan's Main Event Pre-Order Bonus

By litepink, 7 years ago
Majesco and Gamestop are offering up some incentive for pre-ordering the upcoming Kinect title Hulk Hogan's Main Event. Those eagerly anticipating a mustache will be disappointed and will have to settle to growing their own. The bonus being offered up is a T-Shirt with the game's logo emblazoned on it.

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I'm wondering why it isn't a replica of the Hulkster's patented yellow shirt, which is even on the game's cover art:

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We got some details about the game when it was announced, but now we have a more detailed rundown of what to expect in Main Event:

•Hulk Hogan, wrestling icon and global sensation, mentors you so you can give the best show for the crowd.

• Perform 50+ jaw dropping special attacks and stunts. Pump up the crowd with destructive combos and finishing moves: pile drivers, chair smash, body slam, clothesline…Deliver it all like you mean it!

• Design your wrestling superstar: Create your king of the ring by choosing ethnicity, body type, face, hair style and tattoos, then customize his outfit to your liking.

• Showmanship: It’s all about showmanship so get the crowd roaring to earn higher scores and better status.

• Perform in 9 exciting venues including the backyard, local gym and mega stadium in front of a massive crowd.

• Use a variety of damaging props and objects including metal chairs and ladders to excite the fans and win the match.

• Xbox LIVE Leaderboards showcase Stunt of the Day and All Time Best Stunts from players nationwide.

• Multiple Gameplay Modes extend the challenge:
- Campaign: Work your way from backyard matches to the big stadium while keeping the crowd on their feet.
- Head to Head: Take turns delivering punishing combos with a friend’s help.
- Quick Stunt: Practice any extreme stunt before primetime in the ring.
- Hardcore: Fight tough-to-beat enemy wrestlers under the extreme difficulty setting.
- Tutorial: Learn basic moves and special stunts to become the best.
- Replay Highlights: Relive your best stunts in slow motion to revel in your glory days.
Hulk Hogan's Main Event releases in North America on October 11th.