Easy Gamerscore: 28 quick completions from the Xbox sale

The latest weekly Xbox sale brings another bounty of 28 quick completions that are absolutely loaded with easy Gamerscore and discounted to the high heavens.

Easy Gamerscore: 28 quick completions from the Xbox sale
Sean Carey

Sean Carey


This week's Xbox sale is again filled with plenty of easy Gamerscore, and like clockwork, we've dug through everything on offer to bring you another table of 28 quick completions to help increase your Gamerscore total.

For those with a Game Pass subscription who are looking for even more easy Gamerscore, make sure you check out our Game Pass easy achievements and PC Game Pass easy achievements articles.

Quick and easy Xbox Gamerscore games on sale

Game Sale Price Completion Time TA Ratio Discount
Murder Diaries 2 1-2 hours 1.01 40%
NO THING 0-0.5 hours 1.01 50%
Dyna Bomb 0-0.5 hours 1.01 40%
Escape String 0-0.5 hours 1.02 50%
Aery - Little Bird Adventure 1-2 hours 1.03 45%
Evasion From Hell 0-0.5 hours 1.05 35%
sCATch: The Painter Cat 0-0.5 hours 1.05 50%
Dyna Bomb 2 0.5-1 hour 1.06 50%
Acalesia 0.5-1 hour 1.07 40%
Pixel Devil and the Broken Cartridge 1-2 hours 1.07 40%
Debtor: Enhanced Edition (Windows) 0-0.5 hours 1.07 30%
Oliver's Adventures in the Fairyland 1-2 hours 1.08 40%
Paperbound Brawlers 1-2 hours 1.11 25%
Tales from the Borderlands 5-10 hours 1.14 25%
Sudocats 1-2 hours 1.15 20%
Golf Peaks 1-2 hours 1.16 50%
Limb Hunter 0-0.5 hours 1.17 45%
STAB STAB STAB! 2-3 hours 1.19 70%
Panda's Village (Windows) 0-0.5 hours 1.19 40%
inbento 1-2 hours 1.20 50%
SELF: Where's my father 1-2 hours 1.21 40%
• in BRUTAL 2URVIVE Bundle
2-3 hours 1.23 50%
• in BRUTAL 2URVIVE Bundle
2-3 hours 1.29 50%
Swords & Bones 3-4 hours 1.33 40%
MONOPOLY Plus 1-2 hours 1.35 70%
Outbreak: Lost Hope 3-4 hours 1.44 90%
Dead Dungeon
• in Hard Platformers Pack: Super Cyborg and Dead Dungeon
2-3 hours 1.48 50%
Skycadia 5-6 hours 1.52 50%

Murder Diaries 2

Murder Diaries 2 Xbox

If you're looking for an extremely easy completion, Muder Diaries 2 has got your back. Estimates suggest it will take between one and two hours to unlock all 15 story-related achievements in the adventure game. There isn't much else to say about the achievement list on this one, but if you get stuck in the story, make sure you check out some of the individual guides we have available. Murder Diaries 2 has a 2.23/5 TA community rating and can be picked up this week for $5.99 / £5.03 / €5.99.

No Thing

Platformer No Thing is this week's cheapest game, coming in at just $0.99 / £0.84 / €0.99. While No Thing would take several hours to complete if playing properly, users have found a method that allows you to skip pretty much everything in the game and unlock all achievements in under ten minutes. For more on this method, check out our No Thing walkthrough. Of course, you won't actually be engaging with the game here, but how you spend your dollar/pound/euro is entirely up to you, friend! No Thing currently sits with an extremely poor 1.76/5 TA community rating, which suggests it's probably worth skipping anyway.


Finally, one of the highest-rated games on our list this week is Sudocats, which has a 3.15/5 rating from the TA crowd. This charming puzzle game has 15 unmissable story-related achievements that can be unlocked in under two hours. To complete Sudocats in this time, you will need to follow a guide, and thankfully, we have plenty of individual achievement guides available. You can pick up Sudocats for just $2.39 / £1.99 / €2.39.

You can view the full list of the games discounted in the latest Xbox sale on our Xbox sales page.

Written by Sean Carey
Avid Xbox and achievement fan, Sean has committed to playing the best RPGs, racing games, and first-person shooters Xbox Game Pass and his precious free time will allow. Prior to joining TrueAchievements, Sean gained a degree in journalism from Solent University.
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