SoulCalibur V Trailer Highlights Cast So Far

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
I'm not going to write anything up here, as for once, we have a trailer that shows off characters and provides us with a glimpse at their motivation for fighting, unlike a certain other fighting game series that is using thirty second abstract videos to tease their roster.

SoulCalibur V takes place 17 years after SoulCalibur IV with new faces, old faces (literally) and a new combat system that promises to be the fastest in SoulCalibur history. You can head back into our archives and reacquint yourself with a trailer of the old characters as well as some screenshots of the old guard.

Personally, I want to see more of the girl at the end of this latest trailer, Viola. The only thing we know of her is backstory is that she is traveling with Z.W.E.I., the Gothic fighter that summons a spirit companion during combat.

SoulCalibur V has no release date but is expected to arrive in 2012.