Street Fighter X Tekken Pandora Mode Trailer

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
We've already covered the new full-length CGI trailer and character screenshots for Street Fighter X Tekken. However, that wasn't all that Capcom brought to the Tokyo Game Show; here is part two of their offerings.

The new Pandora Mode is the focus of a trailer to emerge out of the event. In this mode, players can sacrifice their partner for a powerful boost in strength for a short period of time.

It all started with a meteorite falling into the South Pole. An unnatural object in the shape of a box was discovered among the fragments of the meteorite. Researchers from all over the world studied the object and, despite not finding any conventional way of examining its contents, observed that it would give a strong response when living creatures came into conflict with each other. Researchers have nick-named the object 'Pandora'.
As well as Pandora mode, players can see footage of the new 2 on 2 Dual Battles at 2:24, where players can form strategies based around their tag team partners too. Timing your attacks with the cross-assault means that you can attack with both characters at the same time. The new Scramble Mode appears at 2:43. Four separate players can control each of the four characters on screen in the ultimate local or online multiplayer battle. Finally, the Briefing mode is the online training mode where players can enlist the help of a friend while perfecting their combos and timing. This mode appears at 3:04.

The new gameplay trailer also shows footage taken from Pandora mode.

Those of you who can't view the trailer can take a look at these screenshots instead:

15/9 Screenshot 1

15/9 Screenshot 2

15/9 Screenshot 3

15/9 Screenshot 4

15/9 Screenshot 5

15/9 Screenshot 6

15/9 Screenshot 7

15/9 Screenshot 8

15/9 Screenshot 9

15/9 Screenshot 10

Street Fighter X Tekken is due to be released in 2012.
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