Just Dance Kids 2 Dated for Europe

By litepink, 7 years ago
Although no one actually commented on it back when Just Dance Kids 2 was unveiled with an announcement trailer and screens, we know everyone across the Atlantic was thinking it; "When can I get my hands on this in Europe?" Today Ubisoft has confirmed that we can mark our calendars for a November 4th release date in Europe.

All kidding aside, some of you may actually be looking forward to this, either for the (more than likely) easy gamerscore, or maybe you truly are looking for a family-friendly Kinect game aimed towards the youngest gamers out there. Perhaps Just Dance Kids 2 could act as a nice babysitter even. With the Nonstop Shuffle Mode, you can play for 15, 30, 60, or even 120 minutes without having to navigate menus or push buttons.

Whatever your reason, I know I won't judge. I've already played games where you ride and groom horses, live the life of a teen pop star, and just recently playing baseball with a mix of MLB players and Nickelodeon characters.

Just Dance Kids 2 will be available October 25th in North America, and as mentioned, November 4th in Europe.