Phil Spencer and Xbox team "have a lot of confidence" for 2023 and 2024

Xbox boss Phil Spencer says the team "have a lot of confidence" when looking ahead to the rest of the year and 2024, and all the games on the way.

Phil Spencer and Xbox team have a lot of confidence for 2023 and 2024
Heidi Nicholas

Heidi Nicholas


Gamescom has brought us wave after wave of updates and announcements for upcoming Xbox games, as well as frequent snippets of info from Xbox boss Phil Spencer, who was there at Gamescom in person for the first time since 2017. Spencer commented on how the Xbox team has "a lot of confidence" when looking ahead to 2023 and 2024, and all their upcoming games.
“We’re back — in terms of the production, the game development and the cadence of the games that are coming out. And it feels great to be at [events like gamescom], getting to show what the teams are working on,” Spencer said in an Xbox Wire interview. “As we look forward in 2023 and to 2024, we have a lot of confidence — and we have a lot of games coming. So not only Starfield and Forza Motorsport, which are obviously the two this fall, but I have to shout out that I love the drop of Age of Empires IV on console that we did at Opening Night Live — that’s a game I’m gonna play a ton of. But you know, Ara: History Untold is in the booth. Towerborne is in the booth. We’ve got games like Hellblade II and Avowed coming.”

Starfield shared a new live action trailer during Gamescom Opening Night Live, while historical turn-based strategy game Ara History Untold confirmed it will launch into PC Game Pass in 2024. There are a whole lot of other games coming to Game Pass to keep an eye on, too.

Spencer seems to have kept pretty busy during Gamescom so far, both commenting on the Xbox 360 store closure and discussing how he doesn't "see a world" where the Xbox Series S is dropped.
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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