Happy Wars Confirmed for XBLA

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Happy Wars is ToyLogic's very first foray into game development and was initially announced back in May 2010. Originally intended for both the Windows PC and XBLA platforms, it seems like that plan has changed. Now, the casual multi-player action game will be exclusive to XBLA. The game isn't very easy to describe, so before I launch into the finer details, perhaps it might be an idea to watch the trailer first.

Players can control any of the three types of characters - warrior, mage and cleric. The warrior specialises in close combat, whereas the mage specialises in spells. The cleric has the support role, so strategies will need to be used to make the best use of each class if victory is to be yours for the taking.

Each class has a total of 27 skills that can enable powerful attack techniques, such as the "Spinning Blade" (players twirl around while slicing enemies), "Heal" (restore a friend's health), or "Lightning Strike" (lightning strikes that attack a wide array of enemies). As well as individual skills, team skills can also be used when a large group of team members gather together. Team skills include the ability to summon meteor storms or tornados, or launching charges in specific battle formations.

Players can also customise their characters with different weapons, clothing and emotional expressions. Various items can be collected through completing quests, which give additional customisation options and the chance to turn your character into a unique individual.

The battlefields take in many different types of terrain. The "Rainbow" battlefield features radiant grassy plains, whereas "Twilight” is full of craggy mountains and lava fields. Believe it or not, "Coral" consists of terraced coral reefs. Each battlefield is a floating continent that is connected to the other stages. To add a bit of spice, each stage has dangers such as jumping platforms, poison swamps and antlion traps, although clever players will be able to turn these into an advantage for their team.

As well as the single-player campaign mode, the game supports up to 30 online players in a single battle. To prevent any danger of language proving to be a barrier, the game has even implemented a standardized communication system for dialog and commands.

Here are some screenshots too:

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Happy Wars is due to be released in 2012.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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