Xbox Game Pass Core will feature 36 games at launch

Xbox Game Pass Core replaces Xbox Live Gold tomorrow, and Microsoft has now revealed the full list of games that will launch with Xbox Game Pass Core.

Xbox Game Pass Core will feature 36 games at launch
Sean Carey

Sean Carey


If you missed it, Microsoft recently announced that it was ending Xbox Live Gold in favor of a new service called Xbox Game Pass Core. For the most part, it's the same thing, but instead of getting a couple of games free each month with Games with Gold (R.I.P.), Xbox Game Pass Core subscribers will have access to a library of games that they can play.

When Xbox Game Pass Core was first announced, Microsoft confirmed that 25 games would be available to play with Core across Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Now, that number has increased to 36. Here is the full list of games included with Xbox Game Pass Core at launch.

Full list of Xbox Game Pass Core games

Microsoft says it plans to update the Game Pass Core library two or three times per year.

Xbox Game Pass Core will provide previous Xbox Live Gold members all of the benefits they had with their Gold subscriptions, including online play, access to special deals and discounts, and access to Free Play Days. There are no price increases, and you won't need to make any changes to your subscription. Microsoft has also previously noted that any games claimed through Games with Gold can still be accessed if you remain a Game Pass member. Any Xbox 360 titles redeemed via Games with Gold will stay in your library regardless of your subscription.
Written by Sean Carey
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