Project Draco Delayed to 2012

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Yukio Futatsugi, the man who created Phantom Dust and had a large helping hand in Panzer Dragoon, is now the head of a new development team called Grounding Inc. Having enlisted various team leads from the defunct development team, Team Andromeda, the Panzer Dragoon influence in upcoming Xbox LIVE Arcade Kinect-only title Project Draco is obvious. The game was being shown behind closed doors at this year's Tokyo Game Show, but 1UP managed to get themselves a hands-on preview. Here are the details from that demonstration.

The game is very much an on-the-rails shooter with some RPG elements. Players shift their body weight around to steer the dragon. Left and right is fairly self-explanatory, but leaning backward will cause your dragon to climb higher, whereas bending forward will cause it to dive.

The RPG elements are brought in as players unlock and customise different dragons. Completing missions within the game leads to players being rewarded with food to give to their dragon, and this food can be used to develop the dragon's stats or equip specific skills or weapons.

The basic attacks controls are similar to those found in Child of Eden. The right hand is used for the lock-on attacks, with the left hand being used for the more powerful attacks. Throwing both hands up in the air will cause you to use bombs. The different dragons and upgrades will add variety to these attacks, although more details on this were being kept very quiet.

As well as a single player mode, the game will allow online co-op for up to three people. Players will be able to take their customised dragons into the online fray too.

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As mentioned in the headline, Project Draco was originally due to be released this year. However, the title has now been pushed back to 2012 for unknown reasons.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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