Meikyuu Cross Blood: Reloaded Debut Trailer

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Kadokawa Shoten's latest project, and their debut on the Xbox 360, is the Japanese free-roaming dungeon-based adventure / RPG title Meikyuu Cross Blood: Reloaded, otherwise known as Labyrinth Cross Blood: Reloaded. Originally a PC game, the Xbox 360 version has been enhanced with new event scenes and has had additional voice acting recorded for it.

The game takes place in the year 20XX. After a disease infects Tokyo, a young person who went missing from his home is found mysteriously aged. Then monsters start to invade the city, and criminal incidents start to increase in frequency. When the effects of the disease spiral out of control, a group of elite students, both boys and girls, form a secret police organization called the eXtra Police Department (XPD) to protect the city.

Players start the game as their character walks home from school. After being kidnapped, the player awakens in a dark labyrinth, only to face an encounter with a black knight. The XPD comes to your rescue, at which point you are invited to join the force. Here you create a character with one of 20 roles, superhuman powers, and a customisable appearance. Once done, you are charged with ridding the city of the monsters and its growing criminal element.

Here is the debut trailer for the game:

Meikyuu Cross Blood: Reloaded is due to be released in Japan on November 10th, 2011. No release is planned for other regions just yet, and the disc is confirmed to be region locked, so those planning on importing the title will need an NTSC-J console. The first run copies will also include a Generation Xth Secret File; this contains a prologue story and a soundtrack CD.
Rebecca Smith
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