Armored Core V Shoots Screenshots Out of TGS 2011

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Armored Core V made a lot of noise at Gamescom, and emerged with a trailer, gameplay footage and screenshots. The game's appearance at Tokyo Game Show was a little more muted, and we only have some new concept art and screenshots for evidence of it ever being there. However, that does mean that they don't come with irritating fake English accents.

First we have that promised concept art of some of the machinery that players can expect to encounter:

12/9/11 Concept Art 4

12/9/11 Concept Art 3

12/9/11 Concept Art 2

12/9/11 Concept Art 1

12/9/11 Concept Art Type D No. 5

That final piece of art was a Type D No. 5. This mech is the subject of the first set of screenshots:

12/9/11Type D No. 5 Screenshot 3

12/9/11Type D No. 5 Screenshot 2

12/9/11Type D No. 5 Screenshot 1

The Karasawa is another mech to feature in the game:

12/9/11Karasawa 2

12/9/11Karasawa 1

Moonlight is our final mech to get its own screenshot:

12/9/11 Moonlight

We featured four maps in our Gamescom coverage - Mining Area, Buried Facility, Alpine Base and Abandoned City. We now have screenshots and map plans for a fifth map, Upper Area.

12/9/11 Map 5

12/9/11 Map 4

12/9/11 Map 3

12/9/11 Map 2

12/9/11 Map 1

12/9/11 Upper City 2

12/9/11 Upper City 1

12/9/11 Upper City 3

Armored Core V is due to be released sometime in 2012.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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