Master Chief, you mind telling me what you're doing in Rainbow Six: Siege?

Ubisoft has announced that a Master Chief skin is now available in Rainbow Six Siege as a cosmetic makeover for Sledge via a Halo crossover.

Master Chief, you mind telling me what you're doing in Rainbow Six: Siege?
Tom West

Tom West


Master Chief is taking a break from saving the day in Halo Infinite to help out your squad in Rainbow Six Siege, or more specifically, to give Sledge a bit of a makeover. The latest Rainbow 6 crossover introduces a Master Chief-themed cosmetic bundle to the Rainbow Six Siege store, which packs in headgear and uniform cosmetics, weapon and gadget skins, and more.

The Halo series is no stranger to a good crossover, which most recently saw Spartan-117 join Fortnite via a cosmetic bundle. Last year, during Microsoft Flight Simulator's 40th Anniversary celebrations, Asobo added Halo's famed Pelican aircraft.

Similarly, Rainbow Six: Siege has had its fair share of crossover content, with franchises like Resident Evil and WWE making guest appearances in the store. Sledge and Smoke also got a couple of wild cosmetic bundles with a Rick and Morty crossover, which saw Sledge outfitted as a Gromflomite and Smoke dressed to kill as Pickle Rick.

Rainbow Six Siege adds Halo Infinite's Master Chief as a cosmetic bundle

The Master Chief cosmetic bundle can be picked up from the in-game Rainbow Six Store with the premium R6 credits currency and contains the following items for Sledge:
  • Spartan-117 headgear and uniform
  • Banished Gravity Hammer skin for Sledge's breaching hammer
  • Primary weapon skins for the M590A1 shotgun and L825A2 assault rifle
  • Secondary weapon skin for the P226 MK25 pistol
  • Cortana Chibi weapon charm
  • Operator cards
  • New Victory Celebration
Both Halo Infinite and Rainbow Six Siege are available alongside some of the best games on Game Pass, so you could take the galactic hero for a spin in and out of his home environment if you wish!
Written by Tom West
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