F1 2011 Developer Diary 4

By Rebecca Smith,
The fourth developer diary for F1 2011 introduces players to a new addition to the game - the safety car. Safety cars have their purpose in Formula 1. They're brought out under conditions where normal racing is too hazardous; typical situations include an obstruction on the track, normally caused by an accident, or weather conditions making the track conditions treacherous. For those who are feeling more sadistic, they can also be used to cause complete and utter chaos at the start of a race if they unexpectedly fail to return to the pits.

As well as the safety car, Chief Game Designer Stephen Hood talks players through the new 2011 rules that have been implemented into the game too. The Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) stores battery power under braking so that players can receive an acceleration boost when launching out of corners. The Drag Reduction System (DRS) means that players can change the position of the rear wing to reduce the drag values on the car, adding acceleration for overtaking in specified zones around each circuit. The new Pirelli tyres have also been added.

The previous developer diary detailed the Co-op Championship mode, with the one before that discussing improvements to the AI and car handling. The first developer diary served as a general introduction.

F1 2011 is due to be released on September 20th in North America, September 22nd in Australia, and September 23rd in Europe.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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