'Videogame Spinner' in Wipeout Television Show

By litepink, 7 years ago
The first game based off the Wipeout television series, the Kinect game Wipeout: In The Zone, was heavily influenced by the actual show. Your avatar seemed to resemble the poor patrons of the show, failing miserably trying to bounce off the "Big Balls", or any of the other impossible obstacles that fling your body around like a crash test dummy. You'd probably feel like the show contestants the next day with the Kinect integration.

The recently announced sequel, Wipeout 2, is no different. The show's creators and producers have been working closely with Activision to make getting slapped into the mud as funny and embarrassing as in the show. Seems though that the game offers some great ideas of its own, and offered inspiration for an obstacle for the actual Wipeout game show.

The "Videogame Spinner" was created with the game in mind, avatars and all. I could describe the elaborate set-up, but why not let show creators Matt Kunitz and Scott Larsen do the talking in the video below, featuring the obstacle mixed in with some gameplay footage of the upcoming Wipeout 2:

Oh my goodness, the people couldn't make it through the obstacle! Worse yet, I probably spoiled the video for those that skipped ahead in the article before watching the video. Traversing those obstacles is never easy, whether on the show or in the game. Like the show, there have been a talented few that have mastered them though.

You can get your chance at obstacles old and new when Wipeout 2 launches this holiday season.