More Brain Exercise (WP7) Patched

By Rebecca Smith,
Namco Bandai's WP7 instalment of the Dr. Kawashima franchise, More Brain Exercise (WP), wasn't quite complete up until recently. The It's Not Temporary achievement was unobtainable despite players being able to meet the requirements. WPCentral has noted that a recent patch has fixed this though, and the full 200G is now achievable. Players who had already completed the requirements for the broken achievement will need to complete one more day of Brain Training to unlock it.

Here is the Version 1.1 patch list:

• Enhanced graphics
• Improved responsiveness of swipe gestures
• Fixed minor bugs: Achievements and date recording
The date recording bug used to see the game occasionally skip forward three calendar days. Players would be unable to complete Brain Training for the missing days. This has also now been fixed.

As an additional note, two more WP7 games also received patches; these are Pac-Man (WP) and I Love Katamari (WP). No major gameplay improvements have been made here, although the games can now be played in Japanese.

We've got the full list of More Brain Exercise (WP) achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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