Doodle Jump (WP7) Updated

By litepink,
The Windows Phone 7 platform has an awesome selling point with its Xbox LIVE enabled games, meaning you can earn achievements from the convenience of your smart phone. Unfortunately, as we've mentioned previously, WP7 games tend to be just a bit more buggy where achievements are concerned. Several games have updates in limbo waiting to be certified by Microsoft, some have patches "in the works", while others are not even on the radar. Doodle Jump (WP) was one such game with a patch in the works.

Well, recently things have been looking brighter for WP7 gamers looking to complete their games properly. Today we covered the patch for More Brain Exercise (WP), and now we're happy to tell you that Doodle Jump (WP) has also received an update.

As of this time, we don't know exact details, but it's apparent that the "UFO abduction survivor" achievement is now obtainable. Several people (including yours truly) have unlocked this achievement post-update, and it appears the achievement unlocks the way it was intended.

Doodle Jump (WP)UFO abduction survivorThe UFO abduction survivor achievement in Doodle Jump (WP) worth 98 pointsSurvive UFO abduction

Today, we have the patch that makes this achievement so much easier. Essentially what you need to do is jump into a UFO's beam, but right before you enter shoot up to destroy it just as you're getting sucked up. Although Doodle Jump features some other very difficult achievements, the full 200 gamerscore is now obtainable thanks to this patch. If your Marketplace tile on your phone didn't inform you of the update already, try going to the game's page on your phone and an option to update should be there.

Perhaps we'll see more updates soon, as many developers are readying for the imminent and much heralded Mango update coming to all WP7 handsets in the very near future. Stay tuned for more details on the Mango update, patch details, and Windows Phone 7 news!

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