FIFA 12 Ultimate Team Begins Today

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Despite the fact that FIFA 12 has not been released yet, FIFA 12 Ultimate Team will be up and running by the time that you read this. Unlike, this year's version of Ultimate Team is linked to several achievements within the base 1000G on the disc, so completionists may want to start preparing tactics.

Ultimate Team is the now free-to-play trading card game in the FIFA series. Gamers can buy and sell players in a transfer market where buying low and selling high is the key to success. Packs of cards can be purchased to help gamers to increase the size of their team, but also carry a chance of getting a Team of the Week player for their squad.

This week's Team of The Week can be found here, but is only available for gamers who had created a FIFA Ultimate Team for a previous game before August 16th, 2011. Even then, it is only available for returning players who sign up to FIFA 12 Ultimate Team TODAY.

Other bonuses that are available to these returning players are:
• Two free packs of cards
• A second Team of the Week
• Daily gifts of coins, bid tokens or packs
• Competitions for prizes from a pot of over 500,000 coins

Those of you who are interested need to log on here to get started.

FIFA 12 is due to be released on September 27th in North America and September 30th in Europe.
Credit for this story goes to A Wise Ninja
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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