Worms Ultimate Mayhem Customisation Trailer

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Worms Ultimate Mayhem is nearly upon us. As with all upcoming games, Team 17 is following the usual route of drowning us in trailers and screenshots to be written up for your viewing pleasure. This time we get to see the customisation options for appearance and weapons.

Not only can players customise the hats that their soldiers will wear, they can now add hats, hands, gloves, moustaches and glasses. The worm gravestones are also customisable, and the ability to change the speechbanks is also returning.

The Weapon Factory allows players to create their own "Machiavellian weapon of mass destruction". You can choose how the weapon is launched, what effect the weapon has and even the weapon's appearance.

The game modes can also be tweaked with different settings for different tastes. The 'Wormpot' feature allows for over a million different combinations for game style adjustments.

This trailer gives a short preview of some of the available options:

Here are those aforementioned screenshots:

20/9/11 Worm customisation 1

20/9/11 Worm customisation 2

20/9/11 Worm customisation 3

20/9/11 Worm customisation 4

20/9/11 Item Shop

20/9/11 Wormpot

20/9/11 Weapon Factory 1

20/9/11 Weapon Factory 2

20/9/11 Weapon Factory 3

20/9/11 Screenshot 1

20/9/11 Screenshot 2

20/9/11 Screenshot 3

20/9/11 Screenshot 4

20/9/11 Screenshot 5

The release date for Worms Ultimate Mayhem is yet to be confirmed.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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