Dance Central 2 Track Import Feature Costs 400 MSP

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
The title says it all really. The fact that players can import all of the tracks from Dance Central into Dance Central 2 had been known for a while, but Microsoft has now confirmed that doing this will cost you 400 MSP. This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise bearing in mind that Harmonix's other big-name franchise, Rock Band, carried a similar transfer fee.

Transferring the original songs will also transfer the original routines with them. Whereas Dance Central 2 will allow players to turn off the Freestyle sections of the songs shipping on the disc, this will not be an option for the tracks imported across from the first game. This is because the Freestyle section was mandatory in the first game and there is no alternative choreography available to replace the Freestyle sections of these songs.

There is a silver lining in the cloud for those players who will be pre-ordering the game though. Select retailers are offering either the Song Import code, or 400MSP, for free as a pre-order bonus. If the retailer offered the Song Import as a pre-order bonus, players will first have to enter the unique 16 digit code that is printed on the back of the manual in the first Dance Central. Then players will have to enter the code on the digital receipt that they will have received. Instructions will follow to start importing the tracks.

If the retailer offered 400 MSP instead, the 25 digit code will have to be redeemed as normal. Once the code has been entered from the Dance Central manual, players will then be able to use the 400 MSP to buy the Track Import feature. Just bear in mind that you will need 200-250 MB of free storage space for the import to take place.

Only the US pre-order bonuses have been confirmed so far. GameStop will offer the free Song Import when the game is pre-ordered for $49.99. Amazon will be offering 400 MSP instead when the game is also pre-ordered for $49.99. Microsoft has confirmed that Best Buy and the Microsoft Store will also offer one of these pre-order bonuses.
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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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