Wolfenstein 3D Earns You 1,000 Gold

By WeisGuy9, 9 years ago
If you have been playing Wolfenstein 3D, you have probably already earned yourself 1,000 gold to spend as soon as you start playing the upcoming release of the new Wolfenstein.

Peter Sokal, Id Software Community Manager explains, "If you beat the first level [of Wolfenstein 3D] and save your game, you get 1,000 gold tied to your account for [Wolfenstein], so […] day one, you’ll be able to start buying upgrades for your weapons and stuff."

Apparently 1,000 gold is a decent size pile of cash, and you can begin spending it right off the bat in the new game.

The new Wolfenstein is scheduled to release August 4, and you can download Wolfenstein 3D from XBLA any time. Check the external link for the full article. Jump the link below to get Wolfenstein 3D at Xbox Live Arcade.