Drink Dew, Eat Doritos, Get Double XP in MW3

By litepink, 8 years ago
Activision is partnering with Mountain Dew Game Fuel and Doritos for a unique promotion for Modern Warfare 3. Codes can be obtained from specially marked packages of Game Fuel and Doritos, then entered at the DewXP website between October 11th and December 31st. Although the DewXP site only has a teaser page up for now, we can munch on all the tasty details found in a summary of the Official Rules located below.

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Codes can be obtained in a variety of Mountain Dew Game Fuel products, with each producing a different amount XP time.

Mountain Dew Game Fuel
20 oz bottles = 15 minutes XP time
12-Packs = 45 minutes XP time
Wal-Mart 20-Packs = 90 minutes XP time
32/44 oz fountain cups = 15 minutes XP time

Combine any Game Fuel purchase with a Doritos purchase and earn 15 minutes of weekly bonus time (limit one bonus per week). The Official Rules also detail "Combat Cards" for a one time bonus of 15 minutes if you collect one set or 90 minutes if you collect all three sets of cards. We don't know what these cards are or where to get them at this time.

There is some restriction on the total XP time you can earn. The maximum amount of time is 24 hours. That equates to 96 bottles, or perhaps 16 of the Wal-Mart packs. The Doritos bonus and Combat Cards should help reaching that one day maximum easier (or perhaps some dumpster diving).

Besides the double XP, each code puts you into a sweepstakes for various Call of Duty themed prizes like limited edition consoles, Elite memberships, a Jeep, and more. Total prizes are valued at over $150,000. You can check out the DewXP site's official rules for full prize details.

Say what you want about Modern Warfare 3 or Activision, but this seems like a fun promotion to me. They aren't forcing you to buy soda or chips by any means. This might not be your products of choice, but tons of people eat and drink this stuff anyways. Getting double XP in a videogame and getting a chance at prizes is an added bonus. Make sure to brush your teeth often though!

Remember that codes can be entered starting October 11th so you can prep for the release of Modern Warfare 3 on November 8th.
Credit for this story goes to Hustlinonradio and Avata