Skullgirls Slides Back to Early 2012 Release

By litepink, 7 years ago
While we were expecting Skullgirls late this year, we have word today that the upcoming XBLA fighter is being pushed back to early next year. Revenge Labs promises that the delay for Skullgirls is simply because the team is “dedicated to quality” and they just want to add a bit more polish to the title to “make sure Skullgirls is as good as we know you want it to be.”

The developers haven’t been afraid to show off their game in work-in-progress form at various gaming shows and conventions. This has lead to a great deal of customer feedback, so Revenge Labs is using this delay to implement this feedback as well as some other features and additions detailed on their Official Site:

• Gameplay speed changes – 10% faster!
• Lots of new effects and overall presentation improvements
• Upgraded backgrounds to 3D
• Additional music from Michiru Yamane
• Requested color palettes
• Accidental pause prevention option – hold Start for 15 frames to pause
• Button macros to help when playing on a pad
• Innumerable balance and gameplay tweaks
• In-game art galleries
Nice to see them dedicated to making the best game possible prior to release. They also promised they would be just as dedicated post-release too. The delay is a bummer if you were looking forward to the title this year, but nice to see they are spending that time making the game better.

Edit: Since the article was published, we've since uncovered a new character trailer for your viewing pleasure. This time, Parasoul takes the limelight:

Although Skullgirls is now set for Early 2012, you can check out a previous trailer or some screenshots.