Crimson Alliance DLC Announced

By litepink, 7 years ago
Certain Affinity has announced that the first add-on pack is on its way for their XBLA title Crimson Alliance. The "Vengeance Map Pack" will contain new campaign levels and a new challenge map.

The Expansion pack contains new campaign levels pitting players in a race against time to hunt down and destroy two dangerous new threats. Also included is a new Challenge Map called “Fistful of Coins,” which allows users to test their skill against an increasingly deadly onslaught of enemies, with mountains of gold at stake. New loot, new enemies, and new challenges await in the first downloadable content expansion pack for Crimson Alliance!
Although the game was only released a few weeks back, it has been complete since May, but had to wait to be released after the Summer of Arcade (Crimson Alliance was free to those who purchased all of this year's Summer of Arcade titles). This additional time allowed the developers to craft DLC with maps that are "fiendishly difficult" and "perfect for co-op."

You can grab the "Vengeance Map Pack" for Crimson Alliance when it releases on the Marketplace on October 12th for 240 MSP.
Credit for this story goes to Avata