Limited Edition Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

By litepink, 7 years ago
If you're anticipating the upcoming HD remakes contained inside the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, you'll be pleased to hear there will be a Limited Edition option for those willing to lay down some extra cash.

External image

So, based off the photo, it may look like you're not getting much more, and you'd be right, there isn't a whole lot there. In addition to the game, you get special box art by series artist Yoji Shinkawa and an exclusive 250-page art book. Based off the listing on Gamestop's website, the Limited Edition is going to run you $79.99, compared to the regular edition, which they price at $49.99. Seems like a steep increase, but perhaps for the most die-hard fan the huge art book and cover may be worth it.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is sneaking on to store shelves this November.