Age of Empires Online September Patch Detailed

By Lavindathar, 7 years ago
Microsoft Studios have released the patch notes for the September title update for their "RTS MMO" game The patch included some fixes that the community were baying for, as well as some aesthetic changes and minor tweaks.

The fix list, as announced by Lobo2k6:

Legendary Gear and Quests
• Dozens of new Legendary rarity items!
• 5 new Legendary quests in Cyprus for level 40 players who have completed “The Twelve Kingdoms”; these are insanely hard.
• This is all free content, available at Level 40

Defense of Crete
We really hammered on fixing the co-op and single player rewards, among other things for Crete. We’ve normalized many of the coin rewards so you'll see some big improvements. Here’s a taste:
• Co-op rewards are now consistently granted for clients who own the booster.
• Rewards Update
o Increased XP for all standard invasion quests by 20-30%
o Increased Coin reward for 20 waves by 20-30% on average
o Increased Coin reward for 30 waves by 30-50% on average

Sparta PvP
We are fixing bugs with the PvP matchmaking, among other things; here’s a sample:
• Updated Sparta Point PvP reward amounts and costs of store-bought Spartan items.
• Added Joe’s Jeopardorium to Sparta, selling random treasure chests for Sparta Points.
• Fixed bug in Ranked leaderboard to properly sort by TrueSkill.
• Fixed a bug in matchmaking that should improve the quality of matches

This one about Gear is a biggie for me:
• You can now access the Gear Hall in all regions, but not in quests. When in a region, it’s accessible through the keyboard shortcut (default “G”) or by right-clicking on items in your inventory.
• Equipping gear no longer requires using Apply at the Gear Hall.
• Mail is now accessible from all regions with an Embassy.
• Also, we have Minimap color and readability improvements

Quest Fixes
We’ve improved dozens of quests in general, from changing start units, to rewards, to adjusting AI, etc. There are dozens of fixes, let’s just say these are all getting better, for example, quests not registering units being killed have been fixed. We’ve also normalized the challenge and reward on some high-repeat quests.

Persians, Skirmish, Co-op fixes, PvP modes, etc are all coming in the near future, so while these will not be in our upcoming patch, don’t forget this is just the beginning of more, cool stuff coming your way.

I think the patch will make a ton of improvements and I hope you guys agree. is out now, and free to download off the Games for Windows Live marketplace.
Credit for this story goes to tsunamishadow