Crysis Available Now via Games on Demand [UPDATED]

By litepink, 7 years ago
Update: The achievements for Crysis are now on, so you may now play and earn achievements at will. Read the instructions in the original story below if you earned achievements before they were live on The launch trailer has also been released - thanks to the members of the community who sent this in:

Original Story
If you've been anticipating the release of Crysis for the Games on Demand service, then rejoice, because you can download it from here for 1600 MSP/$19.99 (pricing varies by region)

That's the good news. The bad news, is that the achievements have not shown up on yet, meaning any achievements unlocked now would have to be re-earned by recovering your gamertag. That gamerscore won't magically appear once they are added to; there will always be a discrepancy between your dashboard score and (and subsequently your TrueAchievements score).

So, in summary, what you need to do is:

a) If you have downloaded the game, but haven't started or earned an achievement, you are advised to hold off on playing until the achievements are live. So long as you have zero achievements in the game, there'll be no need to recover your gamertag once the achievements are added.

b) If you have started the game, and have earned achievements already, you are advised to stop now, and when the achievements show up you will have to recover your gamertag and re-earn these achievements.

This achievement issue is nothing new, and in fact happened last week with the "Gun Runners Arsenal" achievements for This happens from time to time, but typically it's with DLC achievements rather than a whole game's list.

Crysis has 40 achievements totaling 1000GS, and is available now.