BattleBlock Theater Spotlights Prisoner #10304

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
In BattleBlock Theater, players are shipwrecked on an island, where you become imprisoned by the locals. You and your fellow prisoners are forced into deadly performance to stand any chance of survival. So far, we have seen performances by ten of the prisoners - #10293, #10295, #10305, #10325, #10298, #10307, #10308, #10316, #10321 and #10326. Not only has The Behemoth now released footage of an 11th prisoner, but they've also released a spotlight on his weapon of choice. This one must be special...

Prisoner #10304 loves hand grenades. Grenades were the second weapon that was created for use in Battleblock Theater. However, many fans complained that the weapon was too powerful, so The Behemoth decided to change the timing of the explosion. Players can now deflect the grenade away from them using a special set of "action" moves. Here's the full move-set:

SLIDETACKLE: Be slick and quick–kick it back to your enemy’s face!!
UPPERCUT: For those times you just want to be on your way but those spammer cat jerks won’t let you. They’re standing up above on a ledge dropping grenade rain for your pain…so hit the grenade with your fist, up to the demise of the spammers…
KICK: Self-explanatory.
UPWARD PUSH, SET, THROWY MOVE: Like a move you’d see in volleyball, it’ll go up and away from you! (Maybe over your enemy too).
SMACK: A quick hit will make sure the grenade goes off at a moment’s notice.
The developer encourages you to use these moves however you like. You can "create your own unique style of Grenade Fighting Arts". Alternatively, you can "play Hot Potato with your friends and get your moves locked down!!" Here are those moves in action:

BattleBlock Theater is currently scheduled for release later this year on XBLA.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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