Batman: AC Robin Gameplay Trailer

By Mark Delaney, 7 years ago
Back in June, it was revealed that North American Best Buy stores would be including a playable Robin character as a pre-order bonus.

Today, we have the first video of the Tim Drake incarnation of Robin in action. A bit of confusion came out of the video however, as it is titled and stamped at the end with Gamestop logos. At time of writing, the "Tim Drake Robin Pack" is still exclusive to Best Buy in North American stores. However, European Gamestop locations also offer The Boy Wonder and his bonus challenge maps upon release.

In any event, Rocksteady has already made it clear that all pre-order bonuses will eventually be made available as DLC via the marketplace for anyone who wishes to purchase them.

Batman: Arkham City releases on October 18th in North America, October 19th in Australia, and October 21st in Europe.
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Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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