Indie Games Spotlight for October 9th, 2011

By mancide, 7 years ago
SpeedRunner HD, the seventh title released under the Indie Games Summer Uprising promotion, mixes platforming, parkour, and 2D graphics to create a Trials HD-esque run across the city to disarm bombs set by the Mad Bomber.

Use your grappling hook, walljumping and other acrobatic skills to speedrun as quickly as possible, and dismantle the bomb in time! While the singleplayer offers enough challenges to keep you busy for a while, the multiplayer is where this game really shines. So gather (up to) 3 of your friends and compete in a speedrunning spectacle with gameplay reminiscent of Mario Kart and Micro Machines!

RELEASE DATE: 8/29/2011
DEVELOPER: DoubleDutch Games
GENRE: Action & Adventure

Offline players 1 - 4
Dolby Digital
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SpeedRunner HD was originally developed as a browser based game, but this HD version was reworked in XNA Game Studio 4.0 and DoubleDutch's own Chameleon game engine, featuring more levels, high-def graphics, and a multiplayer mode.

The basic gameplay premise is to get to the bomb before the timer runs out. You have the ability to jump, slide, and use a grappling hook to keep your momentum going and make it to the end as fast as possible.

You can compete against 3 of your friends in the multi-player mode, which pits you against each-other in a speedrunning competition that is reminiscent of Mario Kart.

The graphics and art-direction of this game are completely unique. Much like Mirror's Edge, graphic elements and highlights of the terrain and obstacles key you in to how you need to tackle each object in your path.

SpeedRunner HD features enough levels and challenges to keep you playing the single portion of the game for quite some time. Add in the hectic games of the multiplayer and this game is an absolute steak at 240 MSP.

We will be covering all of the Summer Uprising titles over the next few weeks, but don't let that scare you away from submitting other titles you think are worthy of a Spotlight all to themselves. As always, you can submit any title directly via PM to mancide.
Written by mancide
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