New DLC Settings - Have It Your Way!

By Rich Stone, 7 years ago

You may remember that we carried out a poll a few months ago regarding how DLC should be counted in completed games and completion percentage stats (if you want to re-cap it, you can find it here: Completion Percentage Poll (a.k.a. DLC problem) - be warned, it got quite heated!)
The result of that poll was a big win (55% of the vote) for using a new option that only included the DLC you owned in your completion stats. However, almost 40% of users in total wanted to either include all DLC from stats, or exclude all DLC from the stats. Although I wanted to simplify the system down to single setting, I did not want to have this many passionate users disappointed.

So I have been working hard to implement a new system for counting DLC that allows you to choose any of these 3 options. That system is now in place across most of the site.

The default option will be to use the new statistic - only include DLC you own. As is usual on TA, ownership is determined by having a single achievement in that DLC pack.

However, existing users (ie you!) will have your option currently set depending on your old "Count Downloadable Content As Part Of The Game" setting. If you had this off, you'll be set to No DLC. If you have it on you'll be set to All DLC. If you want to use the new option, please change it here: My Settings

There's a whole host of places where this now has an effect.

When you view another gamer's badges (either on their homepage or in the forums), you will see completed percentage and completed games stats based on your setting.

Gamer Goals
Gamer goals can now utilize the new option (they will default to your setting when you create a new one). Existing goals will adhere to the setting you used when you set them up originally.

Completion Dates
These are now shown on the Game page if you have completed the game. These dates are determined by your settings - when new DLC comes out for a game you have completed, your completion date will vanish until you complete that new DLC.

These are now tracked for every gamer for each DLC setting, but you will only see items that match the gamer's own setting when you view a their Milestone page. Because friend feeds are filled by individual gamers' information, a milestone shown on the feed will adhere to the setting of the gamer who has reached it - please don't be confused by this!

Completed Games in Friend Feed
Again, these will be triggered by the settings of the gamer who has finished the game.

Site Leaderboards
The old Exclude DLC checkbox has been replaced by the 3 options. All completion related boards will show these options. Your existing tracked boards will use the same rules as when you set them up.

Gamer Histories
We are now storing your scores for all three of these DLC settings for all games, retail games and arcade games every day.

The scanners are now updating your 3 sets of DLC stats, completion dates, and checking goals and milestones every time they scan you. This means some of your stats may not be set yet as we have only just made this change. If you appear to have some holes in your stats, force a scan and they should be fixed.

My Games List
This will show additional information if games have DLC, depending on your setting.

Places not yet implemented
User leaderboards and My Stats page (this will happen soon).

Now, there's been a huge amount of system and code changes to make this possible, and it's probable that things aren't working 100% in every single place. Please post in this thread anywhere you find a problem and I'll get it sorted immediately!

Thanks all

Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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