Silent Hill: Downpour Delayed

By Mark Delaney,
You kind of had to see this one coming, folks. After plenty of screens and trailers highlighting the return to Silent Hill, we hadn't received an official release date, despite the claims that the game would release this Fall. Some fans got worried, and just like in the series, their worst fears have now come true. Konami has officially delayed Silent Hill: Downpour until Q1 2012.

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The first indication of a delay may have been how most sources pegged the game for an October/November release. Well, it is October, and if there wasn't a date by now, there wasn't going to be one.

There was no word from Konami on what caused the delay. One would assume either the game isn't ready or they were intimidated by the competitive release window. In any event, it will certainly take a load off of our holiday gaming wallets, which are going to be nearly emptied as it is.

Join me as I mourn the delay of the next Silent Hill with a review of our recent trailers and screens of Downpour.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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