Jonah Lomu's Rugby Challenge Dated for NA

By litepink, 7 years ago
North Americans will be getting in on the scrum when Jonah Lomu's releases Thursday, October 20th. Yes, that says Thursday, straight from the mouth of North American publisher Mad Catz.

Although GameStop has it listed for this week --and subsequently was originally in our weekly retail releases post-- will be hitting stateside next week instead of this week. That gives everyone in North America one more week to polish up on their limited rugby knowledge in anticipation of next week's rugby title.

In case you're a bit confused about the game's title, Jonah Lomu's is known under different titles in different regions, but all share the Rugby Challenge moniker. is available now in Australia and New Zealand, and will be available October 14th in Europe and October 20th in North America.
Credit for this story goes to Raab70