Arcade DLC Roundup: October 12th, 2011

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
This week's Arcade DLC release schedule sees five games release DLC, three of which have achievements attached. Here is this week's list:

Crimson Alliance - more details here
• "Vengeance Map Pack" - 240 MSP (this has achievements)

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet - more details here
• "Insanely Twisted: Shadow Hunters" - 400 MSP (this has achievements) - more details here
• "Sorcerer's Lair" - 240 MSP (this has achievements)
• "Sorcerer's Lair (Trial)" - FREE

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition
• "Character Color Pack 2" - 240 MSP
Fight in style by unlocking a new set of seven colors for every character.
DeathSpank: The Baconing
• "Co-op Character - Roesha" - 160 MSP
Roesha is a 70's era inspired police woman with a nasty attitude and an over-sized pistol that gets results! When her gun is simply not enough she calls on her electric disco ball to take down a big crowd. She can also fire First Aid shells at DeathSpank to heal her crime-fighting partner. And when she taunts, get ready for a Charlie's Angel inspired pose and some Roesha attitude.
Those wanting a sneak peak at DeathSpank's new sidekick before deciding on a purchase may want to check out her very own trailer:

Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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