No New Xbox LIVE WP7 Games Released [UPDATE]

By litepink, 7 years ago
WPCentral has reached out to Microsoft for a reason surrounding the two week hiatus, and Michael Yaeger, Senior PR Manager for Xbox LIVE had this to say:

We are actively working with our partners as they finish development of new mobile titles, and look forward to sharing them with you as they become available.
When asked whether the Mango Update was to blame, Yaeger responded:

No. The Windows Phone 7.5 update or its penetration rate does not play role in the release of LIVE titles.
No further word was given about future release dates, even for next week. We'd like to think that something would have to be out by then, so tune in next Wednesday for our usual DotW and release roundups to find out.

Original Story:
If you've been eagerly refreshing your phone's Xbox LIVE game page for this week's new release, you'll be sorely dissapointed. Other Windows Phone marketplace items have been updated, as has the Deal of the Week, with no new LIVE-enabled title in sight.

Some may recall times where it took many more hours than expected for the marketplace to update, but with new apps popping up this morning and a new DotW as well, it appears that the marketplace has been updated for the day.

The last game to be released was on September 28th, when Burn the Rope (WP) came out. Presumably then we'll have to wait until October 19th now for a new title. Maybe we'll finally see the Game Room titles Time Pilot or Shaolin's Road? This is merely wishful speculation though, so don't get your hopes up.

We'll keep you up to date if a new title does show up, or if we have any other news relevant to upcoming Windows Phone 7 releases.