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By Michelle Balsan, 7 years ago
Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to me that there are two distinct kinds of gamers when it comes to fighting games: those that completely get how to execute that hadouken and those that wish everything would just follow the Smash Bros. style of simply pressing a direction and pushing the B button.

Some of this disparity may be attributed to the generally poor tutorial modes in several popular fighters. They either tend to throw you in with a moveset that provides very little feedback or set you up with a beginner mode. While beginner modes seem nice on the surface, there's often a real disconnect between the methods of executing a move in beginner than in actual play. When a player attempts to upgrade, they often find themselves frustrated with the actual gaming experience.

The folks at Reverge Labs are doing their best to make sure that their upcoming XBLA fighter, Skullgirls, is accessible to all. To that end, they're taking great pains to make sure the tutorial in the game ensures that even those new to fighting can understand the game's mechanics before jumping in to actual battle.

Reverge Labs' Ian Davis explains the rationale for the expanded tutorial:
We want to take this to the next level in Skullgirls by including an expansive set of tutorials aimed at teaching players the fundamentals of the game. We want to teach people not only the basic controls, but also help them approach the game from the right perspective.
If you want to read all the details about how Skullgirls is attempting to reinvent the fighting game tutorial, then head over here to read the full developer diary on the topic.

While we do not know an official release date for Skullgirls yet, we do know that it has been pushed back to an early 2012 release. No pricing details have yet been confirmed.
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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